Our Story...


Some time ago I had an experience that floored me. 

In the lead up to this experience, I had the weight of other stressors and niggles that chipped away at me. 

Things like work, relationship, money, new business, health and so on. 

It was a stressful period for me and my mental health was suffering. I couldn’t make any decisions, I didn’t want to get out of bed and I struggled to motivate myself. 

The thing was though was that I knew that there were things I could do, little things that I enjoy doing, that could help me proactively manage this experience. I needed to do something, anything, that could help get me out of this rut. 

The catch was that I was in such a negative headspace that the act of making another decision was paralysing. It’s a bit like trying to decide what you want to eat when you are hungry. 

I needed a tool that helped me focus in on some proactive action. It needed to be simple, quick and accessible. 

So I cut up some paper, wrote some things down that help me and shuffled them about on some paper and picked one to do.

I found this useful and helped me build momentum on a daily basis. It also helped me be more mindful of the activities I was doing. 

I thought this might be helpful to others who found themselves in a similar situation as me and with the help of a top talented designer friend we set out to make this into a tool. 

Not everyone is comfortable about talking about mental health and no two people are the same.  

We wanted to create something that encouraged people to share what they have found helpful for their self-care and mental health so that it may inspire others to find new ways in which they can help themselves. 

Thus 'THIS DAY I AM...' was created. It's a simple card deck packed with 50 activities and suggestions to help you be proactive with your self-care and mental health.  

Naturally, we want to make this tool better, and the only way we can do that with your help.  

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